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What is 40fit?

40fit supports a community of athletes age 40+ with Fitness, Community and Lifestyle resources. The goal is to support performance, lifestyle and quality of life for 40 plus athletes. By combining the resources of evidenced based science, anecdotal experience, and the community, individuals are challenged to look at aging through a refreshing perspective and reach their maximum genetic potential.


The more I trained using various methods, the more I realized there was something missing.  I noticed that even though I was significantly more fit than most of my peers, my experience in training was not the same as the “younger crowd.” The higher my fitness level became, the more I realized the value of fitness and lifestyle factors that I paid less attention to in the past. This is true for almost any athlete seeking higher levels of performance and capacity. Any inexperienced athlete can make quick and sometimes astonishing gains.

40fit programming is based on my own personal experiences as an athlete, evidenced based science and the collective experiences of the community. The programming model is a conjugate of these inputs and represents an adaptive construct to support the maximum genetic potential of each individual athlete. There is no one system that can meet the needs of all individuals, and anyone who would tell you otherwise is selling something for the purposes of selling something. The programming in the training model will constantly change and be a work in progress. We will not follow fads or training techniques just because someone else recommends them or they have become sexy. The foundation of any training should be based on what works, not what sells. I know that puts us at a significant disadvantage to spread the word, but I hope that the results of those who engage in our training will be evidence enough.

Jun 15, 2018

Coach D and Trent bring the Foundations series of episodes full circle with a discussion of the Big Picture of training. Put simply, the "big picture" is to think about training in a logical, systematic way. Too often people eat up whatever the latest magazine or Instagram fitness guru says without thinking critically about how progress is made. Or they hop from program to program with little regard to the amount of stress they are imposing on their bodies. In all of these instances, a training model and a framework for thinking could have helped these people from falling prey to poor fitness advice.


The Foundations series was designed to give you a very basic framework for thinking about fitness. We laid out the various physical adaptations or attributes one can cultivate, and a model for driving those adaptations - the Stress, Recovery, Adaptation model. From there we applied the SRA model to strength - the basis of all physical skills - as well conditioning, mobility, and more. In each episode, we tried to build a case for how and when to apply stress to your body, in order to gain these physical attributes.


We discussed recovery - the R in SRA - in terms of nutrition and supplements as well as the hormones that control metabolic processes in the body. Paying attention to these factors ensures that your body can recover from the stress you're imposing on it, so that your hard work doesn't go to waste.


In the future we will expand on all of these things, and apply them to specific athletes, sports, and discuss the way programming varies at different phases of an athlete's training advancement.


Stay tuned for more on 40fit Radio!